War of Evolution

War of Evolution

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  • War of Evolution screenshots
  • War of Evolution screenshots
  • War of Evolution screenshots
  • War of Evolution screenshots
  • War of Evolution screenshots


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  • user-rating 3.8 ( 18.3K reviews )
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War of Evolution lets you control the development of a species from the very start of its evolutionary journey as a microscopic organism, to the point it becomes an intelligent and social creature, to its mastery of the planet, and finally to interstellar exploration as a space-faring species.

Survival of the Fittest
You will start as a single-celled organism, where you'll be free to decide how best to grow and survive by eating smaller creatures and running from predators.

Evolve Your Organism
Evolution starts small and moves through many stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.Help your creature survive the tidal pool as it evolves into something vivid and unique that can stand for itself and its species.

Customize Your Creature
Modify the shape, abilities, and appearance of your spore. Use your imagination to create the most unique creature - then introduce it to the world!

Develop Your Clan
The primordial tide pools aren't the end of the journey. Hunt down your enemies with overwhelming power or clever strategies and gain upgradable gears. Start with a humble spore and build your own galactic empire!

Build, Expand, & Conquer
Craft customizable buildings for your tribe as they expand from a tiny peaceful town to a bustling metropolis, and eventually…reach for the stars!

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